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Gift Cards have the power to transform lives

Donating remaining balance Gift Cards is an innovative opportunity to expand helath care and  giving.
Our mission is to change the way people value their gift cards, and share our experiences of how they can be used to impact the un-insured, under-insured, under-served people and communities all across the USA with an initial focus on the Las Vegas, Nevada community.

Your remaining balance Gift Card donation will help provide health care services for those in need.   Both adults and  children will be targeted for assistance without an emphasis on color, creed, sex or national origin. Funds will provide medical goods and services from eyeglasses to general and orthopedica and sight saving and restoring procedures. Assistance programs will be primarily focused on health care and if additional funds are available we will expand offereings for the homeless, disabled, as well as others in need.  We hope to provide funding for needed  medications aid programs for children and the elderly and diabetics. We also hope to expand our help to domestic violence victims and help combat human trafficking.


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Nonprofit that collects remaining balance gift card donations to help impact the lives of the underserved

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fundraise for your favorite charity

At least 90% of the Profit from every donation is used to Help the Needy

At GiftCards4Change.com we believe the gift card represents an excellent way of giving, and we are committed to expanding the use of what is commonly undervalued (the low balance gift card) to impact the lives of the under-served.

We are committed to the meaningful expansion of charitable giving by monetizing on the 1 billion dollar a year opportunity that remaining gift cards balances represent. Our objective is simple, we grow charitable giving for all causes and community need programs, and we do this with a platform of change and the power of your voice.

Do you have a cause? Do you passionately care about giving something back? Have you recognized a need in your local community? If you wish to donate your gift card to a particular organization, please just let us know on your donation form.

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